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    The AMG/GK Historic Refurbished Ancuabe mine surrounded by Triton's Ancuabe tenements has got me researching, and the thought of a potential future Joint Venture , off take and or partnership of some sort, seems a considerable possibility imo;

    "Decades of customer orientation and responsibility.
    With our own raw material resources, global commitment, and permanent research work we continuously open up new fields of application and develop competent solutions in consultation with our customers – this is how the value and character of graphite combines with the innovative strength of Graphit Kropfmühl to form the foundation for a successful future."

    "With its own secured and controlled raw material resources
    in Asia, Africa and Europe, the Graphit Kropfmühl group offers maximum security of supply and constant product quality
    for its customers. Starting from the crude ore, the material undergoes several processing steps and is turned into highest- quality graphite and customer- and application-specific products."

    Graphit Kropfmühl has more than 140 years of tradition and expertise in raw
    Worldwide companies AMG

    With our permanent will to create, market proximity, and absolute customer orientation we have become a trend-setting graphite refiner. On the basis of state-of- the-art and quality-conscious high-technology and in an intensive dialogue with customers and partners, we develop high-quality special products. In order to secure the supply of raw materials we hold shares in mines located in Africa, Asia and Europe.
    Our leading position as an internationally operating, listed graphite specialist is both motivation and obligation. Extensive research and development work guarantees a permanent optimisation of our product range and allows us to fulfil specific customer wishes.

    Energy systems
    The increasing capacity of primary batteries and rechargeable batteries accelerates and promotes their use in a great variety of technical applications.
    Furthermore, with the approaching shift of emphasis in the energy industry from fossil to renewable energy sources, hydrogen as a source of energy, and the fuel cell as a highly- efficient energy conversion system, will become ever more important.
    Graphite, and especially natural graphite, is an important and efficient raw material in the production of innovative energy storage and conversion systems.

    In various battery systems, such as e.g. alkali-manganese, NiCd, or zinc-carbon cells, graphite is used as a chemically inert and highly oxidation-stable conductivity additive.
    In such cases the purity requirements for graphite may be as high as 99.99 percent carbon, and such degrees of purity can only be produced by way of special purification processes.

    Li-ion / Li-polymer cells
    In state-of-the-art Li-ion or Li-polymer batteries, graphite plays an active role as an anode material into which Li ions are intercalated. This intercalation process is only possible because of the layered crystal structure of graphite.

    Fuel cells
    In PEM fuel cells, graphite will play an important role in the future as the preferred raw material for bipolar plates. Natural graphite combines the following unique properties: high electric conductivity; graphite is chemically inert and has an extremely low permeation coefficient, is mechanically stable, and available at a favourable price. With our extensive product range we can provide suitable materials for any bipolar plate production concept.

    The products of the future will demand performance features that completely differ from those of today. As a successful company, we are prepared for this.

    Competence in graphite is both a guiding principle and a claim for us. We do not wish to rest at the level we have reached, but intend to achieve permanent improvement. And we focus on all directions, i.e. secure raw material resources, sophisticated analytics- and research equipment, state-of-the-art production processes, as well as capable and motivated employees – for our customers of today and of tomorrow.

    "Natural graphite has a high growth potential and we have to reposition our global value chain to benefit from this opportunity,” said Dr. Heinz Schimmelbusch, CEO of AMG. “We are pleased to have found a partner who shares our views and values.”

    "We are excited to partner with AMG and their management team to progress AMG Graphite's growth strategy,” said Roger Miller, managing partner of Alterna. “We believe AMG Graphite has demonstrated a strong track record of providing customers with high quality products and services and the Company is well positioned for continued growth.”

    Also I know names little and others may find interesting the fact that AMG also currently handle, process and sell (from alternative raw sources) Vanadium;

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