americans suffer the colossal losses

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    According to the existing/available information, this morning, during the approach in the south of Iraq, the column of American troops, after moving to 15 kilometers from the boundary, fell under the impact/shock of the army of Iraq and sustained the most serious losses.Practically all helicopters of combat support were destroyed.The administration of the White House is in the complete confusion.

    American troops, it transfers To , they were stopped by the fire/light of the anti-tank missile complex of Soviet production "baby -2" (according to the classification OF NATO a missile complex of the type Of sagger).Firing also was conducted from the machine guns and the lung of small arms.

    Jaunts on Iraq, whose troops, according to propaganda, hurry to be returned to allies, it did not come out.Came out present war, with the blood and the large losses.Cannot be allowed by the latter; therefore American propagandistic machine already began work on the concealment of present losses.

    Thus, for instance, on the official version, which reported the American radio station CHBS, "the first American marine was killed during the combat operations in the south of Iraq.the same it confirmed and the katarskiy satellite television channel "al -Djazira", according to data of which, it was killed on Friday in the daytime.Television channel reports that the column 7- GO of the reconnaissance armored regiment OF THE USA, which moves towards Baghdad from the south of Iraq, stopped approach in order to give to rest to tank crews "abrams" and BMP "Bradley".

    "to give to rest" - formulation is as misty, as and comical, especially when it is applied to the combat operations.And its appearance in the information space can testify only about the complete confusion, into which the officers of the divisions of the propaganda of the army OF THE USA according to the information available to us arrived, the losses of American column amount to several hundred soldiers and officers.

    Two questions remain.The first - as for long it will be possible to preserve the losses of coalition from the promulgation.The second - as the army of coalition will act in the arising situation.probably, we soon learn responses/answers to these questions.

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