american cannibals

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    What is really being said about America in the Arabic press? Well read on.

    The Wall Street Journal's OpinionJournal .com
    September 1, 2003

    An extract from "May the Cannibals be Cursed!" by Fatma Abdallah Mahmoud, published recently in Al-Akhbar, an Egyptian government daily. That government has received nearly $60 billion in aid from the U.S. taxpayer since 1979.

    According to the French Dictionnaire Larousse, cannibals are primitive, barbaric, blood-letting creatures from the prehistoric era. They lived by killing their human enemies, tearing their bodies apart, disemboweling them, taking apart their organs, gouging out their eyes, scalping their heads, and hanging their skulls at the entrance to their caves! After that, they would gobble their flesh while it was still raw. Only after they had completely digested them could they be certain they were dead!

    [Larousse] adds to this "enjoyable" explanation that this was how the cannibals , who were barbaric creatures similar to beasts of prey, took vengeance upon their enemies. They would slaughter them, tear them limb from limb, and mutilate the corpses, exactly as the American forces did to the bodies of Saddam Hussein's two sons Uday and Qusay, whose distressing and shocking pictures were circulated by the world media.

    Every place that it destroys, annihilates, and plunders treasure and oil [from], America does no less than what primitive cannibal tribes did in the prehistoric era!!

    What is the meaning of the abhorrent crimes that America perpetrates in Iraq, Liberia, Afghanistan, Sudan, and Palestine via the Israeli angels of destruction? What is the meaning of the deeds carried out everywhere by the American forces--or to be more precise, by the children and grandchildren of the gangs of pirates and blood-letters who run [U.S.] policy?

    Have they become beasts of prey, or bulls, barbaric, satanic, and unbridled, who tear apart bodies and destroy peaceful peoples?!

    What is the meaning of this huge number of pictures in the news . . .that arouse horrified shock in our hearts? The body parts of the victims of American aggression against Iraq, torn and immersed in a pool of blood!! . . .In every country trampled by the feet of the American military forces, we see ghastly pictures of the remains of innocent civilian victims: eyes gouged out, noses cut off, limbs intentionally amputated with the flesh that covered them stripped off. I implore you to look at the pictures of Uday and Qusay, Saddam Hussein's two sons, who were horribly mutilated.

    What happened to these American rulers--I refer to those descended from the original pirates, as this is their true and absolutely undeniable origin . . . . What happened to these "hero offspring"? Have they . . .reverted to their decaying and debased primeval state?! Have they surrendered to their weakness for murdering, crushing, and shedding the blood of innocent civilians and victims?!"

    What is the meaning of this satanic force that makes them mutilate corpses, in a way so barbaric and loathsome--thus harming human dignity . . . and contravening the simplest of the rudiments of morality, humanity, and even military [ethics]?!! . . . The blood spilled in most of the countries of the free world--the hero Iraq, the courageous fighting African Liberia from which America seeks to remove French protection, and Afghanistan, whose poor and ordinary citizens gave the arrogant American forces a drink from the bitter [cup] of defeat and humiliation, [the same cup from which] they drank, to intoxication, in their war in Somalia. In addition, we must never forget the fierce whipping the Americans took in Vietnam; American military honor was dragged like a floor rag through the Vietnamese swamps!

    The fight against America will be continued, Allah willing, by the peoples waging Jihad against the original pirates and criminals--or, to be more precise, against the cannibals and the human corpse-disembowelers!!

    (Translated from the Arabic by the Middle East Media Research Institute.)
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