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    12-06-2003 12:06


    HOMEX - Perth

    Lumacom proudly announces today that it has received its first major
    order through its New York based joint venture partner, the Totius
    Group ("Totius"). The joint venture agreement between Totius and
    Lumacom was announced earlier this year.

    The order is valued at US$900,000 (approximately A$1.4 million) and
    in addition will earn Lumacom advertising revenue under a joint
    advertising contract share arrangement as part of the agreement
    between Lumacom and Totius. Details of the advertising contract are
    commercially confidential at this time. However, revenue income to
    Lumacom will be in the order of A$2 million per annum under a term

    This order comes on the heels of negotiations continuing for major
    New York based buildings for Lumacom signage. The details of these
    advertising revenue share contracts are to be announced shortly.

    Totius is currently negotiating a number of direct sale and
    advertising revenue share sites in North America. The rollout of
    these LumaSigns is expected to commence in the new financial year.
    Lumacom's policy is to announce orders only once they are signed and
    confirmed and hence the specific details of these will be advised to
    the market as and when received.

    This first significant order is for a LumaPanel sign 300m 2 in size,
    representing one of the largest outdoor electronic screens of its
    kind. As per the Barcelona screen announced through Lumacom's JV with
    Mega (based in London) last month, this US order represents the first
    of a planned large network of advertising revenue earning screens
    across the region.

    The board of Lumacom is very pleased with the Company's commercial
    progress. These sales achievements reinforce that the Company's
    operating model is successful, providing the incentive for Lumacom
    and its joint venture partners to take full advantage of the unique
    cost and feature advantages of Lumacom's worldwide patented display
    technology placing the Company well ahead of its competition.

    R Sala

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