america - looking for enemies all over the world

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    America (ie usa) looking for enemies all over the world...

    totally unrelated but watso has (a long time ago) been through marital problems - and lol in the arguments the ex would always manage to twist everything around so that watso was always the culprit - and in the end watso once said "F%^^$##g H(^% - watso cannot be wrong all the time .

    oh maybe the above is not totally unrelated - but is America always the good country - just like watso's ex ???.

    every so now and then, watso watches the CEC report on channel 44 (west Australia) - and last night watched a may 17 report (obviously a replay) . it seems that apart from Russia being a threat - the Chinese were an even bigger threat (some usa publication) - the Chinese were worse than the Russians because of some cultural differences .

    for what it is worth, but for the senate - watso gave his first senate choice to the cec party ..

    it seems that china is the biggest trading partner for 100+ countries - compared the the usa who are the biggest trading partners for about 40 countries .

    America is not happy about the Chinese one belt , one road thingy - and do their best to demonise china on all fronts .. the CEC seem to take a position that the Chinese are nowhere as bad as what the americans want to portray them as being.

    comment in the may 17 cec report was about the Chinese investment in Ethiopia - billions and billions of dollars - and the Ethiopia is doing well.. sure it is still poor - but growth for the past decade has been at 10% per annum

    anyway the may 17 cec report

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