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    Moosey - thanks for offering to looking up what you allege is my quote - would be most happy to accept that I was wrong if I said "you came back and said no it had to be UF6 only, it can't be used for anything else".

    Would also be very happy to accept that I was wrong if the US decides to re-start reprocessing to remove the fission products and separate the actinides and uranium in the UNF - IMO it would be a positive move forward (i.e I agree that in the long term it should be done) but feel that the political difficulties are insurmountably right now and the economics just don't add up at current (and potential future) uranium prices. Developments of this type are not done looking at the long term but are governed by their NPV which biases projects to short term gains; however in the case of the US such a development would hit serious political opposition on "proliferation" grounds. The UK considers its plutonium stocks to be a liability rather than an asset. I agree that France and Russia (and Japan) re-process UNF but its re-use in REMIX and MOX is minimal. In the UK I had a friend who worked on the THORP reprocessing plant in Sellafield - it was not economic and beset with problems; the UK's large stocks of plutonium are now an embarrassment (as you say PRISM was suggested by GEH as a solution).

    An interesting concept is that if UNF is put in a repository that after a few thousand years nearly all the fission product will have decayed (a few will remain) and the UNF will be largely just uranium and plutonium (i.e it will be a "plutonium mine"). Personally I feel that "proliferation' is a political issue rather than a technical one and that in this respect the production of weapons is more a defence against a perceived threat (with the deterrent of sanctions) rather than a technical inability to produce a bomb; it's not difficult to produce HEU if money is not a problem (i.e even Libya, South Africa in apartheid, Iraq, Israel and North Korea have done it); I understand that Australia, Canada, South Korea, many non nuclear European countries and Japan could produce weapons within months should they perceive a genuine threat.

    If reprocessing does take place and silex is part of this I will be very happy to accept that I was wrong; my consolation will be that I would also be wealthy - it's then easy to eat humble pie. Incidentally I support you in that Silex (or LIS) is the only current process that could be used to eliminate the nuclear poisons (e.g U236). As I said in a former post the place to start would be the used naval (and already separated) HEU currently at INL which is currently being blended down by Centrus to produce initial HALEU - just diluting the U236 is IMO not the way to go - it should be removed and Silex is the process to do that; but GLE doesn't have the contract and did not even compete for it (GEH were not interested). A sub-optimal solution is now being used. Separation is not an issue for this HEU inventory since it was separated in an old plant (at INL) which has now been scrapped. As I recall it you once claimed that GEH had a "secret" separation facility at Morris, Illinois - hopefully you now agree that was illussionary.

    To me you place too much credibility on the Lon Paulson 2009 document; IMO it was simply an aspiration from a party (i.e GEH) who had a commercial aspiration (at the time - 2009) in seeing their concept promoted - there are many aspirations only a few make it into a commercial product (hopefully Silex for tails (initially) and eventually enrichment/HALEU later will be one). In my career I often promote "concept" where my company had a commercial interest that never came to fruition - it's called "selling".

    As I said "hope" is not a strategy.

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