america is "finished".

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    America is "finished"

    No, America is not going away any time soon, but it is indeed finished when you consider what I mean by the word.

    What is "finished", is what the vast majority of the world once saw in America. America was seen as a nation of fairness, freedom and opportunity, but that is no longer the case.

    What the rest of the world thinks of America should not be taken lightly, as America prospered mostly because it enjoyed massive world wide support, and without that support it can no longer continue to prosper.

    What do we see in America these days?

    A nation is actually an imaginary thing. There are no real borders, only imagined ones. There are no laws, only imagines ones, there is no government, only an imagined one. When the perception of a nation changes dramatically, so to will the reality of how the nation functions, and in what form it assumes.

    America as we once knew it no longer exists in our minds. What we now see is a massively corrupt ideology that has little to do with democracy and freedom, and everything to do with profits, infinite warfare, paranoia and greed over all else.

    What has happened to America is happening to many other countries as well, and is a world wide phenomenon.

    If we look at the bigger picture of what is going on, I think that "corporatism" is finally finished as the dominant form of governance.

    America was once the shining example and proof that corporatism should be considered as the best system of governance possible. That view was always false because corporatism can only function as an ever collapsing pyramid scheme where critical resources are consumed faster then they can be replenished (if at all).

    What we see going wrong all around us, are the effects of a pyramid scheme that is collapsing in on itself.

    As corporatism continues to fail, those who support and feed from it, will engage in whatever is required to ensure the status quo. We can expect to see more warfare, more corruption and more shifting towards a police state ideology as a means to ensure the survival of corporatism.

    Unfortunately for all of us, we live in interesting times, and many of us will resist the shift towards continued restrictions on what little is left of our freedoms.

    Corporatism is a dying thought process that it will not go down easily.

    I do think that the world will be a much better place once corporatism is finally gone, but that depends on what kind of ideology takes its place.
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