amec perth presentation

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    Had the privilege of attending the meeting where overviews were given by GGN, AUZ, LIM & THX.

    IMO all those companies are on the up & up. Just check the charts.

    GGN to merge with SPX & be producing gold bars in a year, mkt cap after merger may attract institutional investment.

    AUZ producing Nickel in latter part of 2004 cash facility in place & expected to pay of the loan 1 year after production.

    LIM very focused on current mine & have land next to WSA in Forestania which will be drilled 'in the future' & planning to list in London or Toronto.

    THX certainly moving fast to prove up resources, has heaps of land in the Kimberley & is doing as much work as possible before the wet season stc stc.

    Also picked up a copy of Mining Monthly & a very informative book put out by Montagu on Geological & Corporate Terminology so I will now be able to decipher all the Geo talk in the announcements.

    LIM is also the host sponser of the Australian Nickel Conference in Perth 23/24 Oct.
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