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    Ambri's share price has been artificially pushed down to all time lows recently because of a top 20 shareholder (not a substantial shareholder) exiting the stock. The gossip coming out of the broking house that put through the order is that this shareholder exited for purely "technical" (i.e., non company-specific) reasons.
    I've been accumulating Ambri recently for the following reasons:
    1) In two weeks ABI will release a milestone statement to the market. My research suggests that this statement will claim that the high volume cartridge manufacturing problem has, in large part, been solved. If this problem has been solved, the following time line then seems likely: Manufacturing plant construction to begin sometime in April 03. Shakedown period to begin in April/May 03. Clinical trials to begin in July/August 03 and to end in Nov/Dec 03. FDA submission late 03 or early 04. Confirmation in the next few weeks that ABI is back on track should see the stock trading north of $1 again. The successful completion of clincial trials should see the stock trading around $3.
    2) Ambri has plenty of cash.
    3) Ambri is backed by Dow Corning, Genencor, and Proctor and Gamble
    4) Other institutional investors have been buying the stock today (possibly for the reasons I have outline above).
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Currently unlisted public company.

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