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amazingly overvalued

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    GCN probably has less than 100k in the kitty by now .....with 300 odd million shares on issue the current share price of the miniscule volume that has been traded implies that the company is worth close to 28 Million . If the stock rises to 12 cents ( and it could - given the very thin volumes involved , the market will be valuing the company at near 36 Million dollars ........... thats how markets work .....eventually things fall back to earth. On a comparable basis ...and if GCN was a private company .... I doubt the whole shooting match could be sold for more than a couple of hundred thousand ........(and much of that would depend on what they got for the office furniture)....

    that equates to less than .1 cent per share ....... there is allways risk in the stockmarket .......some stocks more than others !

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