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amazing spot u price hasnt followed the rest

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    But they ARE buying the majors atm aren't they. Spot POU is a farce ........ small market controlled by the hedge funds to keep the price capped like they used to be able to do with POG. Contract POU has remained at the highs tho ..... thats the real market. Nevertheless current market action seems to imply the boys are loading up on the U-majors globally so matter of (little) time methinks that POU starts catching up to EVERYTHING ELSE currently rocketing ! After the majors they should be looking for the GOOD specs etc. Cant imagine much better than the only one in Oz Areva-Cogema are spending money on. Reckon POU might well be heading for 200 bucks / lb by EOY so reckon this straw hat might soon be coming back into Spring fashion, espesh as the exploration starts to hotten up as it is due to. Hopefully NTU might also soon find favour amongst the Olympian Gods haha. VERY cheap market cap considering all, so once it decides to move, reckon it will move by Zeus !

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