aussie casualties

  1. Yak
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    Whilst I know this will undoubtedly be an opening for the rabble...

    ..and I know the loonie tunes wil concentrate on how poor the US soldier is and how great the Aussie soldier that as it may be.... still seems that Oz is unbelievably lucky in Iraq.

    The Yanks are getting hit with RPG's, road side bombs and other types of insurgent techniques.

    Really...if you're out and about, you are inevitably exposed and vulnerable whether you're in a chopper, and APC or a duece.

    Unless the Aussies are holed up in a compund somehwere, they too, must be out and about.

    It seems inevitable that they will soon be a target

    Anyone here have any inside info what their RofE are and where their AO are?.
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