They were left in the dark, it was spread by rumour and...

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    They were left in the dark, it was spread by rumour and whistleblowers from the latter part of December. Those initial eight whistleblowers you should have heard about - hero healthcare workers - one of them died, the 34 yr old doctor originally announced to be from 'over work' but was displayed as coronavirus if you know what I'm saying.

    I'm not defending their initial party guided actions but I have respect for all the dedicated Chinese healthworkers who worked so hard to treat the sick and get the message out. Also the outspoken Chinese on social media and the civilian 'journalists' who have become 'lost'.

    The world should have owed them a big thankyou for raising the alarm and helping our governments to prepare and protect us. Many individuals in other countries acted on their reports to personally prepare way ahead of time. Face masks disappeared in late January.

    But our governments didn't take that time to act, they fiddled and we lost that advantage, absentmindedly waiting for other international bodies like the WHO and the US to show leadership first. No guts to act on the knowledge pre-emptively.

    All imo as I recall it.
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