Amanda Vanstone-why PMs leadership is in peril

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    Retired former Liberal, Senator Amanda Vanstone gives an interesting account as to why Tony Abbott's leadership is in peril. This is from a Liberal stalwart, so please some of you don't come the left wing bias caper. I will post only two small extracts of Ms Vanstone's article so you can then read the full article using the link at the end of my post. Tells it all really.

    "The Liberal Party meeting to discuss leadership has not come about because anyone has been undermining Tony Abbott."...

    "It is happening because the party room members have had too many occasions when they have felt ignored or taken for granted. It is a bad thing to do to the people who put you there. When everything goes well they probably don't worry too much. But when it goes cactus they are very focused."

    Full article on the following link:
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