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alternate scenarios

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    i guess it was the monday announcement that had them running into hole with a new bit 20 meters above the Plover. if this depth estimate was correct, and barring any untoward drilling hazards such as stuck pipe, then the Plover must by now have been well and truly drilled. when one goes into a massive reservoir such as the Plover, you generally know when you initially break into it whether or not you have gas. that should have occurred sometime no later than Monday night. if that was so, then one would not waste money by drilling on for another 3 or 4 days. It would also by any stretch of the imagination be market sensitive. however there has been no "no gas" announcement, and apparently they are still drilling, or possibly logging and/or sampling. all of which tends to indicate some kind of positive result. perhaps tomorrow we will enlightened, which one hopes will not apply to out wallets.
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