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    One thing you have to remember is it ALL comes down to the Tech being Adopted. many are pumped or nothing but Specualtive, then you have others with actual Tech and a protocol , that are under valued, Alot of them have already grown, so honestly i have a shopping list ive been holding from last year that have made me some very nice coin,

    BUT The ones i believe still have MAJOR room for growth are basically all the Good DeFi projects that actually have Big money and backing behind, Example - Chainlink /SNX / Kyber / REN / UNI / ZIL / NEO / DNT / LOOM / Tezos

    Just for a couple to look up.

    But SNX - Synthetix Network token has some Insane potential, Because of what it targets,

    ( the derivatives market ) & The Market share / Amount of money flowing in this sector is just incredible... Just a Small Slither of the % coming into SNX would send this to Un-imaginable highs, And i personally think the Chances of it happening are becoming alot more possible As the Eco System Grows and the DeFi Beast continues to Boom...

    Low supply ( 200 million ) Proper utility that can have enormous benefits , market cap is currently sitting at 2.5 billion... this is ready to explode.

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