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also looking for an olympic dam bonanza

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    Apex Minerals are also putting in the hard yards to discover a mineral deposit of the size of the Olympic Dam of Western Mining at Roxby Downs in S.Australia.The size of that deposit is huge but is not likely to be the only one in Australia. The difficulty of finding another is that these deposits give little magnetic indication of their presence under the ground.They are at depth but now the gravity surveys can identify the ancient flow systems where the minerals may exist. The drilling to test these 'river' systems is a slow and difficult process as can be seen in the Gawler Craton. As these drilling results flow they build up a picture; this picture can be misinterpreted by newspaper reporters...EBR...or slowly released to shareholders with cautious comment as with Apex. Many other companies in the 'craton zones ' are working away at their tasks and it is worth while keeping an eye on their progress. Hopefully one of them will hit a bonanza and I will be a shareholder. Until then I suggest that all HC's do as I do the price and volume of these stars.
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