ALP's Electric Vehicle policy - they are coming for your car

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    At present around 2,200 Electric Vehicles (EV's) are sold in Australia out of a total of sales of a bit over 1,000,000 new vehicles.([email protected]/mf/9314.0)

    A lot of these sales are SUV's (a bit over 35,000 per month).

    How many brands of SUV's EV's are on the market? And what do they cost

    The ALP policy requires that in eleven years 50% of these sales must be EV's or 500,000 ( a minor increase of a bit over 22,000%)

    Will tradies have to give up their utes?

    How much will the new infrastructure cost and who will pay for it?

    The electricity market is a mess now with no immediate fix in sight. How will these vehicles be able to be charged.

    Make no mistake the ALP is coming for your car
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