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    Alpha your constant talk of orders being pulled obviously means you maybe completely ignorant or is deliberately injecting innuendos into HC or both.
    Buyers and sellers are allowed to pull their orders whenever they want. Can you stand up and say you have never cancelled an order after putting it on? So if buyers or sellers cancel an order, they must automatically be guilty of order stacking. When has Alpha decided to be a legal expert rewriting the law?

    HC readers must now be very careful. Do not put any order on and then
    cancel it even if you change your mind about buying or selling as Alpha says that will be a crime and he will report you to ASIC.

    Institutional orders tend also to be day only orders and are reinstated each day. So all instos must be guilty of pulling orders every day. Did he mention how the seller of 100,000 at 7 cents through e*Trade on Friday was also pulled? No. He wants to put his one sided deception through. I think he is getting far beyond defamation of both many HC posters and GCN already. Free speech is one thing, proper and legally decent behaviour is another. Personal attacks on other posters and defamatory postings against companies are not free speech stuff any more.

    How can HC's legal compliance officer allow this kind of behaviour to continue? e*Trade lined up the screen with 3 lines on the sell
    side on Friday, 7, 8.3 and 8.5. There is only one reason to justify this sell "order stacking", blatant market manipulation. Today, however, all 3 lines have miraculously disappeared! Why has Alpha not mentioned that?

    While I was reluctant for some time to expose this e*Trade client behind all these manipulations, the pattern has now gone on for too long to be ignored. I hope the authority looks into all the e*Trade sales and the consistently downward ramping pattern of its trades since end of April this year. Check the GCN price chart and it will become more obvious to everyone. His selling has been no ordinary selling. He has sold some 4 million shares to damage the share price on a number of occasions. An aggressive ramping down sale followed each sale.

    The pattern has been consistent for every sale since April this year, a look at the share registry would no doubt reveal that a particular large shareholder has been a constant seller with possible only a small fraction of his holding.

    There is one inference that can be drawn.

    Wether is done with mal-intent or ignorance Let's see how Alpha and jfc want to remain accomplices to blatant market manipulation through e*Trade.
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