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    For those that missed it here we have AlphaCenturian posting under his RubBlock nic - what a shame he has had the RubBlock post under his AlphaCenturian nic removed - it was a hoot!

    Sprung BIGTIME AlphaRubBlockCenturian!! - ROFLMAO!!


    Subject re: cmq to plummet
    Posted 17/06/03 22:26 - 653 reads
    Posted by RubBlock
    Post #103192 - in reply to msg. #103189

    Thats weird. This was a reply to my International Charts thread? Any takers for this?


    And here we have AlphaCenturian & RubBlock both using the ole "boom gates are down" & "bells are ringing" & "the train isn't coming" lines - nobody else has ever used those lines on HC - coincidence?


    Subject re: where did the depth go?
    Posted 30/01/03 18:20 - 188 reads
    Posted by RubBlock
    Post #69234 - in reply to msg. #69230

    ..aahhhh, the ol' 'next bit off news' hey stocko,..looking a bit AWOL, missing in action, a no show, the boom gates are down, the bells are ringing but the train aint coming...

    .....that next bit of news for kcg is proving about as illusive as hens teeth or the easter bunny....

    .....whoever has the mill's of shares to sell between 10 and 15c better keep the internet connected for their retirement cause that's when kcg is likely to see those prices again..........


    Subject re: just when you thought it as safe..
    Posted 26/03/03 11:53 - 77 reads
    Posted by AlphaCenturian
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    LOL, you must be getting lonely alecfra,

    hasn't been a share trade since someone outlayed a handsome $525 on the 19/3 - nearly a week ago.

    Mind you , that was a good week.

    After someone who saw the light bailed and dumped nearly half a bar of shares at 6c some clever little soul has spend $500 on three seperate days to push the market price up from 6c to 10.5c.

    Mind you for just 6501 shares worth $520 someone could push the price all the way back to 6c - just like that.

    The Bells are ringing, the boom gates are down but there is no train a coming I'm afraid alecfra.
    Email Alpha


    And here we have AlphaCenturian posting under his RubBlock nic - except he forgot to use the RubBlock posting style & vernacular. Note that the topic is one of Alpha's favourites - LOL! (how is that Muslim friend going Alpha?)

    Subject re: The cats in the cradle
    Posted 19/10/02 12:57 - 11 reads
    Posted by RubBlock
    Post #13064 - in reply to msg. #73924

    What a particularly inane post.

    What are they supposed to be doing ? Whipping round a petition? Protesting in the streets ?

    When will people realise that these terrorists are no more representative of the average Muslim than the IRA is representative of Catholics.

    For the record I notice that leading Muslim community representatives have publicly expressed their grief and outrage at what has happened!!!!!!!

    Lets stop this place getting shut down by the anti-discrimination people. The vast majority of stuff being posted on this board is complete and utter [email protected]
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