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    1. I was in correspondence with a party for some time. That party knew that I lived in NZ but didn't tell this board about it during last week's "discusions".

    I asked him yesterday to contact Alpha but **without** revealing my email address.

    This morning, Alpha contacted me.

    A big bone of contention was if I lived in NZ. So, the proof is there.

    2. I have repeatly said that I am not "Capeman". Anybody can concoct a post and put my name below it and someone else can claim that I was "Capeman". It has no legal basis:


    Post 106381 from "Capeman":

    "Don't try to be so upright man, you got yourself tied up with your statements.

    So far you didn't speak the truth about CMQ.

    Now, I want to know the first time you mentioned both NRT and CMQ on any web site.

    And if you can't, don't be too hard on people if they call you a liar.

    I have always rated acouch higher than you Alpha and said so in another thread.

    A bit of advice: Suggest you look over these posts carefully, you may learn something. Other than that, your twisting tale is a disgrace.


    "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."
    Helen Keller


    My comment: This post has a *number* of extracts from my posts and is directed at two persons, Alpha and Gaga but doesn't mention their names. This is very unusual and very damming taking these out of context. Why should I incriminate myself by just using this text?

    Yes, why should I be "Capeman"?

    Furthermore, I would never have selected "Capeman" as an Alias, because it is too CRUDE.

    I used the alias "Emerald" for a short time and up to Dec. 2002 on Ozestock. That is a classy, expensive gem (a well set large rectangular stone in a ring worn by males cost $70,000-$90,000).

    I replaced that with "Halcyon"; a classic name.

    Fancy me using the name "Capeman", that is not my scene, thanks.

    That a number of people can't see this, that is not my problem.

    "Capeman" did give me some support on the NRT thread, therefore I thought that perhaps someone had stolen his password. (I am not that computer literate). However, he didn't turn up.

    It was suggested that because "Capeman" and I sometimes were on the same threads, therefore, I must have been "Capeman". That is a dishonest suggestion.

    So, what aliases was I using?

    I use my own name "Stolwyk" on Sharetrader and Hotcopper while I use "Halcyon" on the Ozestock site.

    However, "Halcyon" is not a secret. Some posts on Ozestock were signed by "Stolwyk". Ozestock is well aware who I am. The NRT site on Sharetrader also has references to Halcyon and Stolwyk, coupled together.

    The "Information for Investors" which has been going for quite some time now also has "Halcyon" and "Stolwyk" together. It is signed by "Gerry Stolwyk".

    I have mentioned this post to Sharetrader, Hotcopper and Ozestock.

    So generally speaking most people do know who I am.

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