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    re: StockDoctor Check the chart from last year. This stock gets played by professionals like a violin...


    HOMEX - Melbourne

    The 2001-2002 year has again produced an increased profit but more
    importantly a number of vital milestones were achieved. ie.

    1 Our new plant in Shanghai now fully operational. This has taken
    until October to complete but the results are outstanding and the
    customer interest is immense. We are currently negotiating a number
    of large accounts that would have been impossible without this new

    2 BRAZIL

    We have three agreements with Minus Papel in Brazil

    * for providing our anti-forgery technology

    * for utilising their existing coater to produce fax paper and
    similar grades

    * to establish a plant similar to Shanghai to produce a wider range
    of higher priced products

    These agreements are an important part of our future development and
    as we have already sold technology to Hong Kong and India, we can see
    no reason why we will not complete more Technology Agreements in the

    3 Philippines

    We have re-negotiated our Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) Agreement
    into a six year supply contract that is much more favourable and
    profitable to us. This negotiation has been both tedious and time
    consuming but we are now running extremely well and look forward to a
    profiable and successful future. We are also negotiating with the
    government for the use of our anti-forging technology and expect to
    make an announcement soon.

    4 During the year, we have opened up new markets in Korea, Taiwan,
    India and Thailand. As well as these areas we are currently
    negotiating for a large lottery contract in Hungary.

    5 New products and upgrades of existing products have increased our
    marketing opportunities, and along with the lower priced papers which
    have been sourced and fully tested, will substantially increase our
    profits not only in China but also Australia and the Philippines
    which will flow on in the second half of this financial year.

    I believe our future is exciting and secure and that we have never
    been in a stronger position than today.

    To this end I must compliment the staff throughout all sections of
    the company. have never worked with a better team of people, and am
    proud of them all.

    Thank you for your support and patience and we can look forward to a
    profitable and happy future.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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