ALP Renewal

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    For a long time I have seen the difference betweeen the ALP and LNP along the following lines:

    1. ALP policies based on a Sense of Entitlement
    2. LNP policies based on a sense of Aspiration

    Yes we need a sense of community where one looks out for the person in need. But the temptation to be lazy is very strong. All the great policy needs of our day, like Responding to Climate Change, Wage growth, Housing, Immigration, Our place in te world of need, etc should be formulatedfrom a philosophical background of Aspiration and Non Judgement

    The miracle of the last election result is that the winner espoused ASPIRATION and the loser Entitlement. Often Entitlement wins, but not this time.

    I expect this to be uppermost in the ALP Caucus now

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