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    Pretty damn good , we both walk our dogs quite often, quite a pleasant meeting had by owners and canines most evenings. You obviously don't have a dog, or if you do, you don't walk him enough.
    Coffee shops with men wearing lycra ,and dog parks , seem to have taken over from pubs  where blokes go for "bloke time" .
    Politics, finance , exercise programs , travel, tend to dominate the conversations, where once football might have had that role. That sort of area really. 
    On your questions.
    Tax avoidance rules? Exactly what tax avoidance rules being broken are involved in that post?
    Perhaps you could contact the PBO and they could reassure you that this sort of thing isn't going to happen.

    % of 50 billion?
    Again your tunnel vision hampers you. You are unable to cope with the idea that the minimisation of peoples' exposure to the fc change will be a large number of different approaches.
    I ,and others ,have pointed out some of those approaches, and the refrain of "well that wont effect things much" is trotted out.
    There isn't one "big bang"  , nor does there need to be, to tear big chunks out of your mythical 50billion gain to revenue. It will be like a slow moving cockroach being devoured by ants.
    As I have said, you will get a decrease in the amount of refund checks[and that fact you can clutch to your chest muttering "my precious"], but the NET gain to revenue will be considerably smaller than you claim.

    If you want to get an idea of percentages though, have a look at how much superannuation tax is paid by the pooled funds.
    AusSuper , by itself, pays enough super tax to wipe out close to 50% of your 50billion, if it gets netted against potentially worthless franking credits. Which they wont, but it gives you an idea of the forces you face.

    I'm impressed that you have progressed to 5 line posts. 

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