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    [ Perhaps for future reference those that report PIF/OCV posts
    to be moderated should also be made to post their reasons why
    on the related PIF thread before the post is moderated? I am sure
    this would stop some random PIF posts and also deter some from
    hiding behind anonymity before they hit the 'report' option on posts
    that possibly should not be removed. It would also make the PIF thread
    more self regulated and take the pressure of hotcopper admin?
    What do others think please? ] Seamisty

    I am very pleased this PIF/OCV problem is finally getting the remedial attention
    which I tried to attract for quite some time now.
    By all means seamisty, tick my approval for such disclosure; of reasons for "report".
    As I see it, this already EXISTS in comments posted by moderators as per these examples
    and than some:

    -- Content Moderated --
    This message has been removed from public view. on 28/01/15 07:35 because of (Off-topic)
    Comments:Blatant reposting of moderated material ... PD

    -- Content Moderated --
    This thread has been removed from public view on 27/01/15 19:02 because of (Spamming)
    Comments:Incessant low content posting. I urge you to consider before pressing the 'Post message' button.”

    Of course, the problem may remain as those frivolous posters just don’t listen to
    good advice given in moderator comments as observed from behaviours todate.

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