UNI 0.00% $1.06 universal store holdings limited

alllan shortall

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    I find it amazing what AS and uni is trying to push thru..
    I have been a long suffering holder of UNI and will not stand it anymore.

    I have watch AS bring UNI into distribute for over 5 years now, ranging from dodgy share deals in offshore accounts to clocking 200km's in his bently to stuffing up St Mary's thru to spending (well i have lost count now) millions of Share holders money and finally and it hasnt happened in the last month or two it looks like, the leaks before announcemnts are posted! A.S is out for one person.. A.S . Just ask his ex partner, the inventors of the devices, rogerson, and a whole stack of others...

    Im out as of next week (on a strong day).

    good luck to all holders.
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