allied troops approaching baghdad

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    from ABC Online
    US marines have left British marines guarding oil fileds around the southern city of Basra, and are moving in convoy toward Baghdad.

    The BBC reports the US marines left Basra as they arrived, in a two-lane convoy which stretched for miles.

    Local people came out of their homes seemingly bewildered by the sight of so many tanks and armoured vehicles.

    An old man cheered, a young woman waved and a child approached looking for food.

    American planes have dropped thousands of leaflets on this city, urging Iraqi soldiers to surrender and it seems many had taken the advice to heart.

    The BBC's correspondent says he saw probably a hundred prisoners of war and was told there were many, many more.

    British marines now guard Basra's oil fields, several of which were set ablaze before the troops arrived.

    The US marines are now moving on, heading north towards Baghdad.


    As I have posted several times, the war will be over in a week though mopping up exercises could take a couple of months.
    Oil prices are falling, gold is falling, stock markets are rising and there have been no significant terrorist attacks against the west.
    The Iraqis have fired long range scud missiles which Hans Blix has said they told him they did not have. All have missed their targets.
    Iraqi troops are surrendering in their thousands and as a result there has been minimal casualities so far.
    Poor Saddam eh unloved and unwanted except by some in the west.
    Don't be surprised if the Iraqi people execute the western human shields as traitors who supported Saddam's regime as this war winds up.

    Dave R.
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