alleged bali bombers confess to targeting australi

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    C'mon Cobweb, Tophat, Cheech, Pear Anal, give it your blessings and don't forget...this was really an joint ASIO-CIA-MOSSAD you would have us believe.

    Report: Alleged Bali bombers confess to targeting Australians

    The Associated Press Feb. 10, 2003

    Two Indonesians accused of involvement in the deadly bombings last year on the island of Bali say Americans and Australians were deliberately targeted in the attack, according to a report Monday.

    The Oct. 12 attack's alleged mastermind, Imam Samudra, told police Australians were targeted because of Canberra's close ties to the United States and its involvement in international peacekeeping efforts in East Timor in 1999, Australian Broadcasting Corp.'s Four Corners current affairs show reported.

    Journalists from the show, that was due to air Monday night, said they were given access to transcripts of Samudra's confession. Excerpts from the show were released before it went on air.

    The Oct. 12 bombings killed nearly 200 people, including 88 Australians.

    The report comes as Australian Prime Minister John Howard is in Washington for talks with US President George W. Bush on a possible military strike against Iraq. Australia is one of Bush's staunchest allies.

    Among 13 reasons Samudra gave for the attack was: "Australia has taken part in efforts to separate East Timor from Indonesia ... which was an international conspiracy," Four Corners reported.

    Samudra's lawyer told the show his client had been set up and he could help authorities track down the real terrorists.

    Five of those arrested so far named Jemaah Islamiyah's alleged spiritual leader Abu Bakar Bashir as having prior knowledge of the attacks and said he gave his blessing, Four Corners reported.

    Indonesian authorities have said Bashir, who is in custody, was involved in the bombings but have not charged him in connection with the blasts.

    Jemaah Islamiyah is a Southeast Asian group with alleged links to al-Qaida that has been blamed for masterminding the Bali bombings.

    Another suspect, identified as Muklas, allegedly said in his confession he was grateful the blasts killed so many foreigners. Like many Indonesians, Muklas uses only one name.

    "We planned the explosion in Bali because there are many places in Bali that are visited by tourists from these countries such as the United States, England, France, Australia, Israel and other countries who behave despotically towards Muslims," Four Corners quoted Muklas as saying in his confession.

    "I felt grateful because in my opinion the planned mission and objective had been achieved because there were many casualties among American allies including Australian citizens," Muklas added.

    Also Monday, families of five Australians killed in the Bali bombings and another man injured in the blasts said they plan to join a US class action seeking trillions of dollars from alleged financial backers of the al-Qaida terror network.

    The US class action is on behalf of families of some of the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks.

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