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    Hi Boulders,

    i`m a shareholder from germany,
    sorry for my worst english.

    I a`m absolutely sure that the management of boulder know what they do.
    It`s like a puzzle and this is nearly finished.
    Some here, also in germany are very nervious. Why ?

    Look on the 3 years chart, excpecially every year on march.... i`m sure that we`ll have a good month.

    It`s published that sharjah is planned to start in first
    quarter of the year. This means the start from a dream to

    What you think why Mr.Falaknaz and Mr.M.Al Ali give their
    money to BGD ? Why is Mr.Falaknaz in the board ?
    Why is he now chairman ? - to be the captain of a sinking
    ship ?
    They know what they do an we`ll see it soon.

    I know people who met the management a view times.
    I whould be carefully what i say about this people.
    They are absolutely professional. Don`t forget what they
    plan to do. It`s a giant projekt for a small company.

    I`m sure everything will get well - soon.

    A friend from germany
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