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    When someone's personal view is woefully factually incorrect, I find that this is very misleading to other posters. There are a lot of newbies on this site and they are vulnerable to being misled. They deserve to be protected. If anyone posts anything I know to be factually incorrect, I will post to the contrary out of my own integrity.

    I often have different opinions with folk like yogi, or jocam or fludy or whomever and we tend to debate these issues back and forth in a rational manner, and it tends to add value to the views on an overall stock if everyone makes a sensible contribution. But we never differ on the facts.

    Facts are facts, they do not have an opinion. Gryphon has refused to back up his calculations of how he calculates the average entry price of Mongoose into ANL at over 12 cents a shares, when I have clearly demonstrated that this cannot be so with the FACTS of the capital structure of ANL, which I know intimately.

    I am sorry, but honesty comes first. People are investing on the basis of posts on HC, we need to get the facts right.
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