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all time high - more to come?

  1. NT
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    Finally an all time high and closing price of 69 cents.

    Now -- Miningnut/Sone Pony --- surely you did not buy a small parcel on closing time to enjoy seeing Anvil register an all time high????
    If not whom"???

    And Kristy you are correct in indicating the quarterly report to be released late this month will be negative in that the profits will be eaten away by the over-burden problem, scarcity of new large pieces of machinery, etc.

    The positives are that this is already factored in the share price.

    The strength of the report would be in the fact that all was not as bad as was thought and that the return to mining and subsequent profits will commence soon - or may have aready commenced.
    Institutions are forward thinking and share price often rises as they factor in the next quarter developments.
    Such as increased profits and other corporate developments already posted on this sire.

    Also I have a sneaking suspicion that there might have been some processing of previous stock piles, etc which being an unexpected would also stimulate markets.


    Anvil looks ready for the wave to take share price above 70 cents soon.


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