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all the very best to all holders

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    I think it's timely to wish all holders a successful coming week. This week will be eagerly watched by all who hopped on the cvi train ,especially over the last six months. It's been a wonderful journey on this thread and hopefully this week will show all of Mark Smyth's efforts coming to fruition.
    This week will give us wonderful news, terrible news or no news at all. Regardless of the outcome, this thread has been an important part of my on-line life over the last six months. I don't think anyone could deny that there has been a close and warm community sharing just about everything imaginable. It's a journey many have taken together and I'm sure that everyone has been greatly enriched by it. If we receive the news that many of us hope for and expect there will be real cause for celebration.
    I want to personally thank most of the regular and prolific posters for sharing their knowledge, experience and humour.
    Following this thread has certainly been an education [and I allow the possibility that the few dissenters and Jonah's may be proved correct]
    So at this crucial juncture of the CVI story I wish to thank all posters and wish the very best to all holders.

    GO CVI
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