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i also went to the meeting and yes all that rubik has stated is...

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    i also went to the meeting and yes all that rubik has stated is correct but he didnt mention the interest from the yanks. ric stated they have had many offers from u.s cos but nothing worth getting excited about at the moment, he said the big boys are holding back letting us do all the hard work hoping the company fails and that the aussie market has not yet woken up to the potential of this gas discovery. The reason why the yanks havent drilled there is like eclipse whose mind set was to drill deep exspensive wells ( pb1 and pb2 )gdn have discovered that the gas is sitting alot higher than expected.As for eclipse backing in lewis said that they dont have the funding and that gdn are happy to go it alone at this stage.Ric also stated they have been talking to gas gathers.
    As for j/range cliffs will be entering that area next year
    and they are also looking to equire the tenement off polaris which will speed up the mining process( mineral resources i think is the co that has taken over polaris not 100% sure ) so royalties arent to far away this also came from lewis
    My apoligies for not posting sooner,computer problems just spent the last hour reading through some excellent posts
    so rubik are you the gangster looking dude our the guy how ate all the bickies. for what its worth ric seemed very happy the way things were progressing and said that the next 72hrs will be very exciting.
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