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    Come on everyone. Let's admit it. We've heard all the spin. We have to agree:

    1. The Iraq election was an overwhelming success showing the world that Iraq wants democracy US style.

    2. The insurgents will realise they are fighting the wrong losing battle in Iraq. There will be no more suicide car bombs as those suicide bombers will want to cast a vote in the next election.

    3. There will be no more attacks on Iraq oilfields.

    4. The US troops will now be able to go home leaving a glorious Iraq democratically elected government, thankful and supportive to the US, instead of a danherous Iraq led by Saddam Hussein.

    5. World markets will reduce the price of oil and gold and send the US dollar soaring.

    6. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet don't really know what they are talking about when they have both recently said the US dollar is going to continue falling. It's obvious they are talking through their pockets.

    7. The Greenspan controlled Fed knows what it is doing.

    So let's all give three cheers for the Fed and especially the US for being so benevolent to the Iraqi people for liberating them and giving them a true democracy.
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