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    If the all ords don`t hit 5000 tomorrow then i haven`t had enough vodka and i will know the market is rigged.Come on you knockers tell me i`m wrong about this one,BIGGEST rally of the century,GTG to hit $10,even BIG KEV will hit a $1 and maybe just maybe even BOMBER will make some money instead of FERGI and myself giving him a runners job,REMBRANDT and ACCOUCH throw them charts away,no need to study anymore the time has come,ALPHA take that sword and give it to JOLLY,no i mean it give it to JOLLY real good,MAJORSON you lead the charge the battles begun son,time to show them yanks how a market should be run.And one last thing HDR`s,hang on talking about hard the missus is a calling,good night all.
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