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    FAS does have good exploration ground. However, unless I am missing something here, they appear to have done virtually nothing with it since the beginning of 2007. All now seems to rest on acquiring GWR, which, one could argue, could have done the job themselves without FAS. So what advantage does FAS bring to GWR, which is a dedicated iron ore company? ... and why has GWR taken a country age to put together a mining project at Wiluna West? ... meanwhile all the other junior iron ore explorer / miners motor on merrily! So, what new expertise does FAS bring to GWR to make it all happen any faster if at all?

    Further to the above, apart from sitting around awaiting a lucky oil gusher to rescue the stock and get its hands on GWR, what is FAS doing to add value to its own exploration ground? Anyone any ideas?

    I know I should not say this as a stockholder but to the ordinary shareholder what has FAS to offer compared to very much better juniors like YML, NAV, BRW, and the list goes on and on and on! I'd welcome any ideas!

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