All Lives Matter

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    Clearly the BLM movement is causing quite a few problems around the world.
    All Lives Matter is nothing more than a slogan ,but why not a movement organisation ?
    This is how I could see it working.
    Initial members would be elders of the Aboriginal community Asian community and white Australian community.
    All actions would be voted on by the comity members.
    Items to be voted on would include.
    1: Appropriate signage would need to state that this sign is approved for use by the ALM ,and then signed by a comity member ,such signs when targeted at a wrong doing should state in most cases a individual ,no targeting of one race one colour or all police.
    2: All protests to be voted on for approval.
    3: All slogans and chants at protests to be voted on for approval.
    4: All protesters will need to be registered and complete a certain amount of training hours on how to protest peacefully before being able to join a protest.
    5: Any senior member breaking a rule or doing something questionable to present themselves to the comity for a vote on any disciplinary action.
    I have some amazing ideas on how this could work well without others feeling threatened or uncomfortable ,but I do feel that some of the approved signage and chants should be directed at other protest organisations that do the wrong thing while protesting ,so I guess some feelings will be hurt.
    If I had the knowhow and money I would start the movement myself ,but I hope that someone with the money and connections will see this post and take on my idea and how to go about it.
    I will be one of the first to join in Australia ,if it was to happen.
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