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all it takes is .003 then off she goes..

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    I have been following AUZ for the past few months now, and have recently bought a small parcel at .002. I follow other specs too which have had similar high trading volumes in the millions, but sew saw up 100% and down 50% the next day.

    These stocks include NWT, who this time last year were at .001 - .002, with a trading high of .009 and currently at .005. ECE, who were trading at .001 a year ago, and now sitting pretty at .008 - with a high of .01. These stocks have had a similar pattern that is, once they break through the .003 mark, they can shoot very quickly to .005 - .007 within a week. Thats a solid profit if bought at .002 or even lucky enough at .001!

    NWT in BLACK vs ECE in RED

    I have taken a punt and believe that AUZ will fall in the similar category once it eventually breaks through the .003 mark.

    Highly speculative yes, but with so much interest in these stocks through high trading volume, you have to back yourself sometimes and get in early, because it is hard to jump on board once these go .005 or .007 as they become expensive. Unless you are positive that these stocks can break through the 1 cent mark or even 2 cent mark (like OBJ), then ok.
    the .003 mark.

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