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    I have had vcr since 1998 at 15.5 cents, sold at 49 cents in 1999, I think it run to 75 cents. I came back in at 34 cents in 2000. I have thought about stop lose but will ride out the dips. Reasons; The device is state of the art, the market is there, At the AGM I was impressed with the slickness of the board. It’s a great all-round package. The competitors are there but there devices are far more complicated than vcr or behind vcr progress. A German company is apparently the closest to vcr but there device is very technical, hence higher cost of production, higher failure rate in manufacturing which also puts up the cost of the device. From memory Mr Spooner said the vcr device could be $50000 down depending on the volume of orders(don’t quote me on that). Scenario: If Medicare was to subsidies second-generation mechanical hearts ie vcr. I think they would promote the less expensive.
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