UMC 0.00% $1.30 united minerals corporation nl

all good...lots to discuss

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    well what a finish to the day. clearing the decks ahead of tomorrow's meeting i guess. Going to be interesting to see if there's any more detail released then. anyone going to the meeting who can report back ???

    lots to discuss tonight. as an opening gambit I'm just wondering if UMC management are not quite obviously fishing to become a takeover target, thus boosting the sp and ability to either get to or fund route to market ....

    mentioning FMG muchly of late .... shame we have yet to get a FDL/MDX type run .... but i s'pose this is the actual business of growing a business .... grunt work, but mighty stuff imv .... i'll say it again .... im amazed it remains under $1.

    sleeping soundly of late boys ... this has to be $3 in due course...

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