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    Considering they have a claimed asset backing of 21c a share - it would be interesting to know what asset value they had attributed to those assets that are in the $5.3m sale. That would determine how much of a positive the proposed sale is.

    Providing the kaolin project becomes highly profitable then the sale of 'non-core' assets is a positive.

    Further dollars are also expected from the sale of the other assets.

    I don't hold the stock but did have a buy order typed up for 200k shares at 11.5c - I baulked at sending it off because of the 700k for sale at 12c. As it turned out, others bought the 11.5c that were on offer.

    I think I might wait for more positive signs from the kaolin project before jumping in - providing the price hasn't headed north too much.

    It looks like the kaolin project will be an all or nothing, so it will be safer to wait to see how it starts to stack up before risking the hard earned.
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