All Christendom tell lies please don't go to any church, page-16

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    1. God has guided ONLY YOU to the truth, or

    Now come on Kamy, your getting just as creative as your prophet now smile.png

    I'm sure I have told you before, there are quite a number of people pretty much on the same Spirit of Truth that I am, so stop getting creative and do your homework.
    I only discovered this after my findings and even since then, the numbers appear to be increasing.

    There is a massive population of Muslims initially
    Initially,.....porkies was there, you need to back up further, to the roots you claim all come from.
    If you do this, way, way back, it was always planned for a one of, particular one to come onto the scene (Jesus) and all things were going to be and were put into His hands until death no more.
    After him and for the numerous reasons I have given you, there is and was zero reasons for another prophet and in fact, we are told to look out for them, these impostors.
    No if buts, but they will arrive and sure enough, your promoting one.

    Your failing to recognize and accept, that based on the Bible there are lies among Muslims and your Baha'is.
    You claim to have done a considerable amount of reading of the Bible and say or suggest the Bible supports this
    Baha'is and it does nothing of a sort, hence your manipulation of many clear and precise passages.

    Speaking of Roots, get a look at the post I placed up on the Hebrew word Dabar = Word in English.
    Based on the basic meaning of the Hebrew letters and pretty much in one Word, it spells out the first and necessary first milk.
    So simple and no excuse for it getting lost.
    The entire message, Bible or whatever is centered around Word, Good verses Evil.

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