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    Bryan Frost, Executive Chairman.

    Bryan has had a long career spanning stockbroking, investment banking, venture capital and company management.For several years he was a partner in a Melbourne-based stockbroking firm until 1973, where he specialised in advising domestic and international investors, banks, financial institutions and other investment funds on Australian equity investments.

    Over the past 30 years he has been directly involved with a number of public companies as a major shareholder and director and in that role has been responsible for the restructuring and transformation of these companies.

    In recent years, Bryan has been actively involved in providing corporate advice and securing capital (including venture capital) for several new ventures spanning the biotechnology, consumer products, industrial technology and resource sectors.

    Other frosty companies include:

    His job is to get in, get funding, get the market all hyped up and ready to rock, then get the investors out and let the company stand on it's own two feet.

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