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    Hi all

    A special hi to one fat lady. I hope you followed my tip. If you did no doubt you would be feeling a tad fatter by now. I've heard from a trader that they're starting to roadshow in Perth. Eastern states should be only days away. I'll lead with my chin like I normally do and predict 60c in a fortnight cause this little sucker is going to do an SLT as everybody gets on board now the instos and big money are in place.

    There's absolutely no doubt in my mind there is a substantial contract blowing around there in the wind somewhere. Evidence of this is the FIN report posted by Billy Gatess and the company announcements stating that they are fast tracking commercial negotiations.

    Folks I told you about PRR when it was sub 20c. I told you about SLT when they were 6c. I've been telling you about PBI for over a month now and I stated in my post on the Frosty stakes that it is going to give SLT a run to a buck. The first one to break the buck barrier will be the first announcement.

    The latter 2 bios have world first technology with patents in place and negotiations at the table for commercialisation. I urge all to do their own research and make your X-mas the best you've had for a couple of years.

    Remember PBI is just starting it's run so as I said with SLT - all aboaaaaard.

    Cloud of Sparrows - once appeared form a misty bay.
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