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    I have been watching this stock for a little while but not seriously, until Friday when it broke out.
    This company is worth about $21m and trading vol is low. 1m shares traded is an extremely good day.
    Looking at the ASX announcements, it seems that the directors, especially Ian Cornelius and David Kennedy, are amongst the biggest traders of the stock!
    From the end of October, they have bought over 200,00 shares at around 20-21c. There may be something coming up soon.
    ALK is a gold miner and is actually pouring a little bit of gold. It is also exploring for Zirconium as well as gold. They have a number of projects going on but I don't know if they are any good (I am sure the directors would have a better idea).

    Surprisingly, the top twenty shareholders list contains quite a few big names. With shares tightly held and volume low, a breakout could mean significant percentage gain.


    National Nominees Ltd 30,048,747 25.29
    Golden Moment Resources Ltd 8,455,804 7.12
    Resources Investment Trust plc 6,000,000 5.05
    ANZ Nominees Ltd 5,889,038 4.96
    Eikofin BVBA 5,800,000 4.88
    Citicorp Nominees Pty Ltd 3,780,927 3.18
    HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Ltd 3,638,627 3.06
    Locksley Holdings Pty Ltd 2,870,000 2.42
    Saltbush Nominees Pty Ltd 1,847,657 1.56
    Westpac Custodian Nominees Ltd 1,662,347 1.4
    Trust Company Superannuation Services Ltd 1,295,000 1.09
    Mingcourt Holdings Ltd 970,562 0.82
    Guardian Trust Australia Ltd 911,556 0.77
    Moondance Ventures Ltd 858,000 0.72
    Invia Custodian Pty Ltd 850,000 0.72
    Bond Street Custodians Ltd 820,000 0.69
    Piranha Nominees Pty Ltd 812,000 0.68
    Leefab Pty Ltd 662,000 0.56
    Sping, Noel C 603,800 0.51
    Tao Yuan Ltd 558,990 0.47

    TOTAL 78,336,055 65.91

    I don't know if the chart attachment thing still works, at least my shark signature doesn't show any more, I'll try to post the chart here.

    It sure looks interesting. I may sell a few Amcor's and buy some ALK if it does not drop below 23c Monday (I have 90% of my capital in Amcor which I think will get me that new car early next year but that is another story).

    This company is unheard of and was never on the news. Wonder if any member here follow this stock and want to share his/her opinion?
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