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    Been reading this text on the likley attributes of extra-terrestrail life and would be interested to hear other views.

    The question posed is if contact was made/discovered and we as a species go about deciding what to do when that happens........

    .....what would be the likely motivation of the aliens and would they more likely to be benign or malignant???

    3 postions so far. These are the way earth-bound decision makers are likley to think and evaluate the threat-potential.

    They represent the three forces likley to hold sway in our society.

    1.Organic evolutional
    2.Organic-mechanical and

    1. If the species evolved as an organic entity and got to be say a million or so years ahead of us, then the contact would most likely be BENIGN.


    Because as one evolves and gets to the point where say they are so mega-ahead of us, then it is also likely that their technology has done the same.

    If so, so too would their weaponry. doubt, for them to get to be millions of years ahead of us, they've dealt with and probably eradicated the desire to kill etc cause they would have wiped themselves out otherwise.

    2. If they evolved in an organic sense but used mechanisation/robotisation etc...... over millions of years the machines would have taken over.

    As such the motives of these machines are likley to be less benign and more likely to be cold, calculating and more malevolent.

    3. Religious views.

    If the contact is made and the countries such as US and GBritian and say Russia are involved in making a decision, the religious sway of their thinking may come into it.

    If Catholicism is the main mover, then the notion of Man being created in God's image is central. Remember the position of the Church would be initially to deny the possibility of life other than Man.

    The view being that Jesus didnt do like an inter-galactic crucifixion tour to save all the other races.

    Just us.

    So...... if there turns out to be other cannot be in God's image.

    Which only leaves the being made in Satan/Devils image

    Therefore the motive behind the contact is evil.

    Something to think about as you do a two hour cycle ride.
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