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alert uni holders - danger

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    Guys, I don't pretend to be any sort of "expert" but I'm just doing some sector wide research into biotechs and thought I found something interesting:

    I think in this environment it's wise to get out of UNI while the share price is up... in my opinion there is very high risk for this stock.

    1) UNI used to be a Perth mining stock... then they turned "healthcare", I don't have to tell you the reputation of these Perth companies who love ripping the faces of East coast investors. e.g. Smartworld (remember that beauty and their "deal" with Avaya?)

    2) The entire biotech sector has slumped big time including reputable stocks like GDP, VCR, NRT etc etc. E.g. In the last 2 weeks VCR fell from $1.20 odd to $0.80 odd, GDP a similar percentage.

    3) The financials are absolute crap, zero revenue, $3.4m cash, NTA about 3cps, burning cash.

    4) Large amounts of shares held in escrow, these guys want to keep the shares up.

    5) This syringe "could" work out but I believe they still need FDA approval. Also believe they are not the only company with this product.

    6) With a market cap of $85m and $3m cash in the bank, burning cash, product some time off, biotechs getting smashed a more reasonable market cap would be around $10m-$20m maximum.

    Anyhow, do your own research and make up your own minds. I don't own UNI and don't plan too. Read the red stuff below as well.

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