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    Sydney - Monday - July 14: (RWE)



    Ferret has had its beady eyes on Salmat for about a month and in
    that time the shares have shot up 50c to a recodr $2.25 today.
    Salmat has jumped on the bandwaggon of outsourcing and business
    stretches from Australia across Asia and even to the US.
    This is why the company found support on Friday in announcing a
    deal over the Philippines business with new joint venture partner.
    The new partner is a leading US call centre operator, Service
    Zone Inc, which will acquire 51 per cent of its Salmat Philippines
    based joint venture Contact World.
    Contact World began operations in 2001 and is one of the
    significant call centre providers in the Philippines servicing the
    United States market.
    Service Zone bought its 51 per cent holding in Contact World
    from Salmats former joint venture partner ePLDT.
    The EBIT rose to $26.4 million on revenue of $275.5 milion for
    2003 compared with 2002 on a EBIT was $15.7 million on reveune of $269.6

    Shares price: $2.25
    High/low: $2.25/$1.65
    Dividend: 3c
    Div yield: 1.36


    The company believes the customer base is another key to SLM's
    future success.
    Some of its long customers including Coles Myer, CentreLink and
    Salmat Ltd operates as a customer communications company
    employing 1,800 people with operational facilities in Australia, New
    Zealand, Taiwan, the Philippines and Hong Kong.
    The company delivers its customer communications services to its
    clients through its Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Customer
    Contact Solutions (CCS) divisions.
    Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): The division provides
    clients with data management services, usually in conjunction with the
    client's utilisation of either Salmat's document processing or delivery
    Salmat focuses on processing its clients' database into a format
    that can be manipulated and managed in accordance with client
    Customer Contact Solutions (CCS): CCS's primary focus is the
    efficient and effective service and delivery of clients' messages,
    marketing and advertising materials and promotions to their customers.
    Customer targeting and delivery services within CCS involve the delivery
    of unaddressed advertising materials to households across Australia and
    New Zealand.
    As part of voice services, CCS operates three outsourced contact
    centres in Sydney and Melbourne specialising in developing inbound and
    outbound teleservices, managing outsourced contact centre activities and
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through help desks, loyalty
    programs and database management.

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