alert for the uninitiated.

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    I just received the following unsolicited E-mail.....shades of the Nigerian scams etc..
    Cheers all,


    I presume this email will not be a surprise to you.
    (True brother true. LOL)

    Am an engineer with the ministry of mineral resources
    and energy in south Africa and also a member of the
    contract awarding committee of this ministry under the south Africa government.

    Many year ago, the south Africa government asked this committee to awards contracts to foregn firms, in which myself and two of my partner are leader of the committee, with our good position in this committee, we over involved this contract to the tune of of us$21,500,000:00, to be benefited by me and two
    other of my partner that are in charge of this contract awarding committee in this ministry.

    Now, that the contracts value has been paid off to the actual contractor that executed this job, All we want is a trusted foreign partner like you that we shall front to claim this over involved sum.

    Upon our agreement to carry on this business transaction with you, the said fund will be share as follow, 75% will be for myself and two others of my partner, 20% will be for you for using your bank account, 5% will be set aside for any expenses that might be incurred by us and you in the process of the document and other formalities that will justify you as the rightful owner of this said fund.

    You should bear in mind that you will be required to put head together with us, and give this business transaction moral and financially support it required to be successful.

    If you are interested and financially capable in handly this business transaction, Kindly reply us through this email address ([email protected])
    for more details and to let you know what is required of this business transaction to be successful.

    Also we request your private and office phone number to open communication with you.

    Your faithfully,

    Dennis Garvin.
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