Well two wrongs don't make it right.Rosy Batty has been...

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    Well two wrongs don't make it right.
    Rosy Batty has been supported by the extreme far left loonies.

    Sure, Anderson, the father of her son, murdered him.
    But Batty ain't no shining star.
    How many to Tango?

    Setka - same.
    Union thug and bully.

    In this case he bashed no one; no broken legs or pinkies.

    He said despite what loony feminists say
    Men are not responsible for everything.

    The problem is: saying the truth
    is not virtue signalling

    When a dirtbag male murders a woman getting off a tram on the way home.
    I feel shocked at violence against a person going about their daily activities.
    This particular perp is an Aboriginal
    (fact concealed by press reports)
    The line is all Indigs will be tainted - virtue signal.

    The perpetrator does not represent men.
    I don't feel guilty.
    But try to protect those in my family.
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